Today,We are the faith fans of mobile phone, it is no exaggeration to say that it is our part of our life, we can not live without cell phone. And it is very common to see that people play phones during the working time.Many factories and companies met the problems of industrial accidents,staffs couldn’t protect themselves well when worked with machines.There are plenty of places where it’s actively dangerous to be using a cell phone. How to resolve this problem ? If employers could jam signals but allow for emergency calls,no harm ,no foul.We recommend this latest mobile phone jammer "Adjustable 16W High Power 8 Band GSM 3G 4G LTE WIMAX UHF VHF WiFi Cell Phone Jammer" for factories.

In every workplace,we can install the mobile phone jammers to wall ,ceiling and desk to make them work well there. All the cell phone signal, include 2G 3G 4G mobile phones will be jammed after the jammer worked.So there is no possible signal for employee’s phones,they can’t play phones anymore. At the another side, the working efficiency will be well improved also.The most important is that they may focus on their works and machines-- lower the risks. 

This high power multi-functional signal jammer is designed with 8 antennas so that it can cut off the signals of Bluetooth Wifi GSM DCS PCS CDMA 2G 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax signals at the same time, it can block the UHF VHF signal  also. And as designed with 16W high output power, so the  jammer is also powerful as well, as the shielding range is up to 40 meters at most depending on the signal strength in the given area. Also the excellent design of the adjustable button so that this Adjustable 16W High Power 8 Band GSM 3G 4G LTE WIMAX UHF VHF WiFi Cell Phone Jammer also allow you to decide the jamming frequency bands and the jamming distance.

With the latest design and good cooling system with cooling fan inside, the working temperature of this device won’t be high so that the device can keep in good condition. Another big merit of this cell phone jammer is that you can adjust or turn off any single band without influencing the other bands operation.

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