Privacy is the most fundamental and sacred rights. But in the Web2.0 era, the privacy rights have been slowly while away in the face of so many social and sharing application. In fact, some experts believe that this right has been lost. Some serious facts have emerged in our daily life: whether public or individual can track our deeds, habits and choices through a series of practice. Fortunately, mobile phone jammer was developed to effectively prevent leaking privacy to some extent.

The good news for us is that we can take some measures to protect our privacy, such as mobile phone jammer. Up to now, mobile phone jammer has been widely used for special purposes in various fields. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, privacy has been leaked in more ways. The Data in a report from DCCI Internet Data Center shows that 66.9% of Smartphone mobile applications grab the privacy data of users, call records, SMS records and address book are the top three high-risk areas. Mobile phone jammer is useless for such privacy leakage.
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The report also showed that only 20% of the Android phones have root super-user administrative privileges. Skilled people explained to reporters that users with root privileges can delete the built-in program or brush the third-party ROM according to their preferences. It is necessary for users without root super-user administrative privileges to download third-party software to delete built-in APP.