When you find a bug via physical search, you want to see if it is still transmitting.  You can do this by bringing a silent bug detector very close to it.  Do not touch the bug, as it will alert anyone listening that they have been caught. Remember, where there is one, there may be more.  So just because the bug you found isn't active, doesn't mean that other ones aren't.

Bug Detectors Range for Simple Models for the Do It Yourselfer, Intermediate Models for Investigators, and Professional Counter Surveillance for Corporate and Government Security.

Bug detectors are designed to find and uncover covert surveillance systems consisting of cameras, cell phones, GPS and telephone monitoring devices, and at times sensors.

Detectors are particularly designed to find infrared signals and radio frequencies. There are a variety of bug detectors available on the market today. Purchasing and choosing a bug detector can easily become overwhelming and at times confusing, just like choosing a wireless video jammer.

Understanding the type of bug detectors on the market today is essential to choosing one that best fits your needs.