To put a stop to bus driver’s behavior of using the cell phone when driving, the researchers have devised a system that determines whether the person behind the wheel is using a mobile phone while the vehicle is in motion and triggers a mobile phone jammer that will block the phone signals. Because the jammer is only low-range, the team says other passengers in the vehicle will be able to continue using their phones.

With using a mobile phone while driving illegal in many places around the world, the team says the system could also be adapted to report traffic infringements to the police. In such cases, an RFID tag would store details of the infringement, along with the vehicle’s registration details, and transmit them to a traffic signal post where police could access the information. Alternatively, the system could provide the driver with an alert when they attempt to use a phone. The system is more efficient than a mobile phone jammer price.

The researcher’s system, which is primarily targeted at drivers of heavy vehicles, is described in a paper in the International Journal of Enterprise Network Management.