In today's society, mobile phone jammer has been widely applied for special purposes in various fields; even it has been installed in schools. As people know, the installation of mobile phone jammer in schools can effectively prevent students to cheat in exams, but also it will produce radiation while it is working, which has aroused the complaints of students’ parents who worry that the radiation will be harmful to the health of students.

Reporter learned that the topic on the harm of mobile phone jammer has been hotly discussed on the internet. There were reports that many schools have installed mobile phone jammer in every classroom to prevent the cheating in exams and keep the peace in class. The installation of large number of mobile phone jammers has triggered the worry of students' parents.

High Power Desktop Cell Phone GSM/3G Signal Jammer Blocker

One netizen said online that the basic working principle of mobile phone jammer is to use electromagnetic waves to block the cell phone signals, so that the electromagnetic wave at close range for a long time will take negative impact on health. However, once the quality of mobile phone jammer is poor, the consequences will be serious. Moreover, the effect of mobile phone jammer to shield signals will be better as long as the power becomes large (the electromagnetic waves will be stronger), generally speaking, unscrupulous manufacturers use this means to reduce costs. It is easy to understand why people worry the harm of mobile phone jammer to health so much.