French users who refuse to turn off the phone in the movie or other public places are in trouble again, because the mobile phone jammer has been installed in public places in accordance with its new regulations.

Now, the technology that the buildings suppress cell phone signal has began to be promoted in France. According to statistics, the installation of this mobile phone signal jammer would cost 7300 euros, but the effect is priceless, consumers are very satisfied, most people agree to install mobile phone jammer in the public places.

According to the new regulations in France, mobile phone users are prohibited to make and receive cell phone in public places. However, in case of emergency, cell phone users can contact with the outside world through emergency service number.
3G Wi-Fi Cell Phone Signal Jammer with Fan
Also, since the signal suppression may be effective within a few kilometers around, users in emergency can ask help on the highway, or to check the signal. Previously, Kevin Spacey, Hollywood actor, who angrily pointed out after the performance in London theater that the British audiences have no manners during the performance, the phone sound one after another. Spacey said to the reporter from on BBC Radio 4 that answering call should be banned in performance venues.