With the wide use of mobile phone jammer, doubts about cell phone jammer are no longer theoretical. Is there any radiation generated by Cell phone jammer? Will the mobile phone jammer affect the health of human? The heated debate among media has intensified the controversy over mobile phone jammer again, and it has attracted much more attention of people.

The state has made clear statement to ban the use of cell phone jammer in the general workplace, examination room, hospitals, conference rooms, gas stations, meeting rooms included. At present, the installation of mobile phone jammer must have met the following two conditions: First, it is the secret places approved by the State Secrecy Bureau; second, obtained the approval of the State Administration of Radio, that is to say, the approval of Secrecy Bureau is the precondition to get the auditing of State Administration of Radio. Therefore, the vast majority of cell phone jammers are secretly installed and illegally installed.
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Someone engaged in the production of mobile phone jammer introduced that mobile phone jammer has advantages and disadvantages, some jammers in poor quality shields cell phone signals with large signal, which will certainly affect the health of human. The current mobile phone jammer market in China need to be regulated, if there are no standard, mobile phone jammers will pass fish eyes for pearls, which not only will cause harm to society, but also it is harmful to legitimate business enterprises in this industry.