Universal application range of mobile phones in the world, has greatly promoted the overall development of the countries in the world in terms of political, economic, military, technological and cultural signs mobile phone as an information-oriented society has gradually become an integral part of people's daily life and work.


Such communications products increasingly popular and extremely convenient to us with the same time, we should also see unrestricted use, along with mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers of noise pollution is also becoming more and more serious. For example, in the conference room, court, theater, libraries, hospitals, academic lecture hall, classrooms and other public places, because the phone is free to use, destroy its original tranquility, affect the interference of certain activities of normal special place in some special industries, such as petrochemical and other units, the disasters caused by the illegal use of mobile phones in the news in recent years with the newspaper appeared frequently.


In addition, many criminals using cell phones or other mobile communication devices, such as high-tech to engage in criminal activities in recent years, the gradual emergence of a new problem, such as the use of cell phones, pagers and other mass communications equipment remote-controlled bomb detonated, the implementation of the criminal activity, has become the more to the use of more criminals means such covert sabotage, it is very difficult to guard against, and bring great danger to the relevant public security investigators.


The mobile phone jammer limits the use of the phone in a certain range (such as 10-40 meters range, so as not to impact on other non-shielded area). Installing mobile phone jammers either clean up the environment, prevent leaks and crime. The events are of great significance for the maintenance of the security of the motherland, and to protect people's lives and property at the same time.