It is very common to prevent examinees from cheating through cell phones by using a mobile phone signal jammer, but someone don’t know it is illegal to buy and use mobile phone signal jammer without permission. It can seriously interfere the signals of resident’s cell phone and planes, and causes a lot of social troubles. Also the jammer near the exam rooms with high radiation is able to influence badly on examinees’ brain, even make them feel nauseated and dizzy so that they cannot think clearly after a long time.

         In spite of these problems, illegal mobile phone jammers are still used more and more frequently. At first, comments and critics online about jammers added day after day, but they didn’t change anything. In recent years, the local governments started to focus on the terrible influence brought by illegal use of mobile phone jammers. The relevant departments launched rules to abandon people use jammers illegally. And some local governments searched and confiscated illegal mobile phone jammer.