As people are rather familiar with mobile phone jammer today, do you know what the working principle of this device is?

In fact, the working principle of mobile phone jammer is really simple. This device can interfere with the cell phone signal frequency by its own frequency, which can be seen just as “outshouting”.

How can you lower two persons’ voice if they are quarreling? The simplest answer is making a louder voice from a third party. Cell phone jammer just plays a role as that “third party”. It is essentially a kind of radio transmitter. About the working principle of mobile phone signal jammer, there is such a professional description online by sellers: “the working principle of mobile phone is that mobile phone and base station are connected by radio waves in a certain frequency range and complete data and voice transmission in a certain baud rate and modulation. Therefore, relating specifically to this communication principle, portable mobile phone jammer sweeps signals from low-end of information channel to high-end at a certain speed. The sweeping can form messy codes in mobile phone message reception, so that cell phone cannot detect the normal data from base station and cannot establish connection with base station as well.