There have been debates about whether mobile phone jammer devices should be installed in classroom for a long time. The phenomenon of playing mobile phone in class transforms the classroom into a space where all kinds of information about social reality and the network intersect. Students may easily become blundering mood in such an environment under the impact of various kinds of information. When cell phone jammers are installed to block the information from outside, the classroom is turned back into a separate space where the students can concentrate on their study and the interaction with their teachers so that the classroom can restore its function. So, what the mobile phone jammer jam is blundering mood.

It is not a casual act to install mobile phone jammers in classroom. As news report, the signal shielding range of jammers is restricted to the classroom. As long as students go out of the classroom, cell phone signals will restore. In order not to harm students’ health, most schools attach great importance to product quality. The electromagnetic radiation of the 4G Mobile Phone Jammer is in conformity with the relevant standards of the country which will not affect the human body.