According to a rough estimation by The Secretary of Transportation, about half a million people were injured from distracted driving last year. Considering this serious condition, The Department of Transportation plans to install mobile phone jammer inside cars to disable cell phones. The government sets off with campaigns to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and there are already enlightened drivers try the device which would disable cell phones in automobiles. This is surely a right move to reduce the growing number of deaths and injuries from distract driving. In addition to this, the government has decided to implement the latest technology to shield phone signals so that to prevent drivers from texting or calling in driving.

It is true that driving while using mobile phone is very dangerous and may cause serious accident. It is a good habitual move to put your mobile phone away and keep your hands on the steering wheel when you are driving. Can many people strictly follow this rule? I don’t think so. People often get distracted when their phone starts ringing and a slightest slip can lead them to death. That is why portable mobile phone signal jammer should be used in order to block all the cell phones within a certain range. Today the device has become more and more popular as cell phones sometimes become a reason of different accident.