1, mobile phone jammer operation is extremely simple, and no training (plus remote control operation)

2, Can cover all mobile phone frequency band 139 mesh, 130 mesh, 133 mesh, which can be overridden in parts of the opening of the PHS business and BP machine (pager), a wide range of use.

3, Products covering space is adjustment, one to cover the entire generally bigger theater and concert hall.

4, product appearance is beauty, reasonable design.


Moreover, because the phone may result in the disclosure of important national information has been recognized by countries around the world, many countries have related method and laws clearly define some important sectors and an important figure in the use of mobile phones and other wireless communication devices, in order to safeguard national interests. Our government for such events also give enough attention to the promulgation and implementation by the national leadership, in legal form, in particular, is an important place in certain highly confidential information required, such as government agencies of office, military combat command structure, the bank / securities and other financial center, the examination room and other places, and often will occur someone intentionally or unintentionally through mobile phones will be important in politics, business, military, civil and other confidential information leaked out, and the inside and outside of the hostile forces for stealing my related intelligence, long-term of my important sectors, the figures phone satellite positioning and calls content listener.


Such a situation should become a major problem that cannot be ignored in the political, economic, and military life, to endanger political, military, and economic and even endanger the national security, the increasing number of such incidents, necessary to arouse our concern and attention.