With the wide use of mobile phone jammer in various fields for special purposes, more and more advanced technologies have been applied in the development of mobile phone jammer, and the portability has become better, it would be provide more convenience for users to carry it everywhere.

In company with raising of safety consciousness of the people, the mobile phone has been widely used in daily life. However, peopel pay more attention to the portability of equipments, thus portable mobile phone jammer has been designed to meet such damnd of consumers. Portable mobile phone can be carried anywhere anytime, it would be a better choice for celebrities to avoid tracking.

Maybe most people will worry about the shielding effect of portable mobile phone jammer, such fears are misplaced. Although portable mobile phone is designed in small size, its blocking ability is as good as that of the larger mobile phone jammers. The blocking radius of a portable one is no narrower than those bigger ones. Its working range can cover from 10 meters to about 100 meters.