In public place in New York, people’s cell phones’ signal are jammed frequently nowadays, because the one who hates to hear others talking on the phone in public has a secret weapon--- mobile phone jammer.

         Recently mobile phone jammers are quite hot in NY. A New Yorker said:”I bought one online, and I love it so much.” Because he cannot bear to heat loud phone ring and high voice of others talking on the cell phone.

         He also said:”Every time I take a bus, I will use the jammer. If some idiots are discussing what to order in restaurant over the cell phone, I will turn on the jammer. Why do they force people to hear them taking on the phone?” He thinks he has to use the jammer, since he cannot throw their cell phones out of the window.

         Based on the condition, the state government raised the fine of using the mobile phone signal jammer illegally, reaching to 110,000 dollars.