Our manufacturing guys use boost regulators for their creations. It takes more time and work but gives better result. AC-DC and DC-DC adapters are made for almost all types of cell phone booster for sale.

Older generations of mobile devices are easier to jam because of lower working power. Respectively they would be jammed at the bigger distance than modern cell phones.

More powerful jamming devices might be in need of cooling system to prevent malfunctions.

If you have enough skills and training experience (along with specific equipment), you can use programmable PLL with microcontroller to make your mobile phone signal jammer adjustable.

So how do you like it? Now you can imagine what work is done by our respected research and manufacturing specialists to invent, design, create and produce all those cool and reliable cell phone jammers for you to enjoy.

The world of electronic gadgets is so big and interesting place! It has a lot to demonstrate and to surprise with. It can help us to enjoy modern, useful and simply cool things.