Do you know how many steps it will take for a university entrance examination scores released? 4G Mobile Phone Jammer, surveillance video system, marking system separated from the network and at least two markers confirm the scores for each section.

Examinees’ test papers will be transmitted to corresponding marking areas through a dedicated optical cable which is separated from the network after cutting scanning and the score will be transmitted back in the same way. Every day, only the marking area principal provides a written request to examination authority technician before work can the markers open the dedicated optical cable. At the end of a day, there will be someone cut off the dedicated network, too.

This year, mobile phone jammer devices will be installed in every marking area to ensure the safety of marking progress. Markers’ mobile phones have to be handed in for centralized and unified management during the work.

In addition, all the marking classrooms, including the corridors, are under the control of surveillance video system. There is no dead angle during the whole working period. Every score to a section will be marked by at least two markers and as long as a score is inconsistent, the paper will be automatically submitted to the center group.