In recent years, mobile phone jammer has been used more widely for different special purposes, however, it is more commonly used in gas stations, oil depots, troops, government agencies, hospitals, conference rooms, concert halls, cinemas, schools, libraries, churches and so on. Although it provides some insurance against information leakage, there is still controversy about the application of mobile phone jammer. As people know, mobile phone jammar will produce radiation while working, and the radiation is harmful to the health of people, in addition, the jammer will take negative impact on the normal use of cell phone.

According to the introduction from experts, the working principle of mobile phone jammer is very simple: launch co-channel noise wave to submerge the normal communication signals between mobile phone and base station, which will limit the use of mobile phone within a certain range. Mobile phone jammer produces specific electromagnetic signals covering GSM900, DCS1800, CDMA, so that the phone can not normally work, but it will not interfere with other electronic devices, mobile phones can resume normal use out the working range.
High Power Desktop 12W 3G Cell Phone Jammer With Best Cooling System For SaleNowadays, more schools have installed mobile phone jammer to prevent students from cheating in the exams, but many students' parents complians that it will be harmful to the health of students. Also some individuals have installed mobile phone jammer, maybe the nearby residents will complian that the use of mobile phone jammer has attacked their normal life. In view of thoes, mobile phone has been a controversial device since it was put into use.