With the rapid rise of mobile phone users, it is almost a "task impossible" to get rid of the noise created by other’s cell phone in public place. As a result, there are a number "rebels", who start using a more direct method, mobile phone jammer, to resist the interference, occur in a rapid increase in the United States.

Cell phone signal jammer is not a new product. But in recent years, Americans’ demand for jammer continues to increase. As every month there are thousands of jammer come from overseas to the United States, the federal government and the mobile phone industry began to attach importance to this issue. According to a report, people who buy jammer including coffee shops, hair salons, cinema and hotel owners, public speaker, bus driver and even more and more public transportation passengers.

Now, people seem to be within a scope of "signal battle" - informal phone chatters cause interference to those "unarmed" commons, and the user of mobile phone blocker jammer not only punish the chatters but also injure innocent people’s right of using mobile phones at the same time.