Nowadays, the occurance of information leakage has been more frequent, which has brought great loss, especially the important comercial information of enterprises, thus, Mobile phone jammer has been widely used in various fields to protect privacy.

Mobile phone jammer can effectively block the signals from mobile phone within its working range. It has been applied in many organizations to prevent the information leakage. Also many public places has installed mobile phone jammer to shield the cell phone signals. What's more, mobile phone has been applied in the prison to avoid criminal case in many foreign countries.

Although the cell phone jammer has provided guarantee for the privacy security, also it has take negative impact on people's life. People cannot use cell phone normally within the working range of cell phone jammer, people are confused about that, which has brought inconvenience to the daily life. What's worse, someone would use cell phone jammer for some unlawful purposes. Thus, it is very important to use cell phone jammer in line with relevant rules. Even though the mobile phone acts as a significant role in protecting privacy, it would be better to install cell phone jammer on demand for proper purposes, instead of abusing mobile phone jammer.