As anything has two sides, so the same was the case with mobile phone jammer. Cell phone jammer porvides people with privacy security, but also it take some negative impact on the daily life of poeple. Despite all this, cell phone jammer has been widely applied for different purposes.

According to relevant survey and data, cell phone jammer has been used in various important public places, such as conference room, auditoriums, law court, library, exam room, school, cinema, theater and hospital. In addition, it has been installed in the prison to prevent the criminals to contact with the outside.

In order to prevent someone from doing unlawful things with cell phone jammer, relevant rules have been issued. The widespread usage of mobile phone jammer is getting more irritating and dangerous. Mobile phones are wrongly utilized in the exam room by students and in the infirmaries which may be harmful to the ill people and those who have pace maker located in the heart. Mobile phones have been more lately applied by terrorists for organizing explosions in several locations at a time. Therefore by, cell phone jammer was developed to prevent all such situations from becoming out of hand.