Fortunately, I thought that I should research the idea a little and I am glad that I did. I found out that my idea was not original. In fact a school in Washington recently just installed such equipment. It also appears that it may be illegal. The school in Washington is currently working with the FCC to determine whether their wifi jammer is legal. This will be a story that I will continue to follow because if it is deemed legal for schools to use them, then it may be something I encourage our school board to consider.

What are your thoughts on a cell phone jamming device in the classrooms? What advantages or disadvantages could this present? What are some other alternatives?

So if anyone tells you this is not possible: Where there is a will; there is a way. Especially when it’s more than 1 person taking you down for $ and their own mental illness. My eBay accounts closed one after another, credit cards cancelled, bank accounts denied, court system penalties one after another. Everyone stopped talking; I get no answers from anyone despite my massive evidence of Multifunctional signal Jammer.