In modern society, the privacy is getting more and more importance, in veiw of this point, many devices have been developed to protect the privacy, such as cell phone jammer. Nowadays, mobile phone jammar is widely used for various purposes, schools install cell phone jammer to prevent students from cheating in examination and some enterprises apply it to protect important commercial information, also it is used by famous celebrities to avoid tracking.

As we all know, mobile phone jammer has its own working range, it just block signals from cell phone within a certain area. The jammer blocks cell phone signals with digital signals in different frequency ranges by transmitting high-power triangular wave.

In view of the circuit of cell phone jammer, 220V AC will output 5V DC voltage through transformation rectifier and produce low-frequency signals of triangular wave created by the wave generation circuit. And then the triangular wave will output high-frequency sinusoid signal through Voltage Control Oscillator, which will be transmitted to the emission antenna after being magnified by power amplifier module on the circuit board and then radiated to the space by the antenna.

It is easy to understand the idea that cell phone jammer would be the best device in anti-tracking. The cell phone jammers in current market has better portability. Users can take it anywhere.