With the development of enterprise informatization, information systems have been more widely used in daily work, and become an indispensable tool and means in work. The efficiency of enterprise has been greatly improved through enterprise informatization, especially from ERP to SOA in recent years, mature businesses have become increasingly dependent on information systems; virtualization and cloud computing technology have saved a large amount of green fees for many cross-regional and cross-country enterprises, and provides guarantee for the reliability and confidentiality of information transmitting.

Nowadays, information leakage has occurred in a variety of ways, information is possible to be taken away through the following channels within the enterprise: the file may be copied to the USB or mobile hard drives and other removable storage media away from the company; the information will be shared through 3G network card to connect to the network; print electronic documents into the paper; copy the shared directory files to the laptop; in view of the above, mobile phone jammer has been widely used in enterprises.
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Mobile phone jammer only can prevent the information leakage through mobile phone, and it is failed to prevent information leakage in other means. So, only systematic, comprehensive and three-dimensional Information leakage protection solution can truly protect corporate data. The so-called systematic, that is, the systematic use of encryption, control, audit and other means, many companies have chosen encryption products last year, but in fact a simple encryption is not enough, companies also need audit techniques to understand the internal events, management and control techniques to prevent information leakage, only the combination of a variety of techniques can truly protect the enterprise data security.