Also, why is the president allowed to defend himself against cell phone-enabled attacks, but others aren't? The horrible terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, for example, were orchestrated and coordinated with cell phones. If the hotels were allowed to have mobile phone jammer devices, they may have been able to save lives. Witnesses used cell phones to call police and tell them where attacks were taking place, but nearly all of those calls were placed outside the hotels, not inside.


It's worth noting that in recent years, the Department of Homeland Security has been given the authority not only to jam, but to shut down cell phone towers of entire cities during terrorist attacks. That means that, as a society, we have already determined that during terrorist attacks, cell phones are more of a threat than a source of protection. As a Financial Times columnist says, "In the arsenal of guerrillas and insurgents, the modest portable mobile phone signal jammer plays as important a role as the AK-47 or plastic explosives."