Nowadays, the mobile phone jammer has been applied for different purposes in various fields. It has been mainly used in public places, such as schools, gas stations, churches, court, library, conference center, theaters, hospitals, government, finance, prisons, public security and military powerhouse. Also some people install cell phone jammer in private for improper purposes, which is unallowed to apply individual cell phone jammer.

It is very common that schools install mobile phone signal jammer to prevent students cheating in the exams. The jammer can shield the signals from cell phone and then the cell phone cannot work normally. If people install cell phone jammer in private, it will take negative impact on people's daily life.
Portable Cell Phone Signal Jammer
Previously, there was some reports that criminal get touch with outside organization with mobile phone in the prison to undertake criminal activities, thus, by now, cell phone jammer has been installed in the prison in some countries, in order to prevent the occurrence of crime. So, new rules about the use of cell phone jammer has been issued in some countries. As every knows, cell phone jammer is initially designed for secrecy. It is very important to install cell phone jammer in accordance with the relevant rules.