A high school teacher found an intimate message from other woman in her husband’s cell phone. She thought her husband was cheating on her. In order to make sure what had happened, she hired a private detective to investigate her husband’s daily life. A month later, the detective told her that her husband was quite alert and discovered he was followed. The detective had to give up the investigation.

          At last, the wife set up a buy mobile phone jammer to block her husband’s cell phone signal so that he could not contact with his mistress again. This method was working. Since the jammer was settled, her husband was not available to contact the mistress in the midnight. The high school teacher felt quite satisfied. No one predicted the misery a week later. The neighbor of the teacher was a pregnant woman with heart problem. One night her water broke and had heart attacks. Staying home alone, she tried to call the ambulance with the cell phone. Unfortunately, her cell phone signal was jammed by the mobile phone jammer. The next morning her husband came home only found she was dead beside the door.