Along with social progress and the rapid development of the national economy, people are under increasing pressure, whether it's from work or in personal life. Most people prefer to stay at home to get better rest, so they would like to install mobile phone jammer to avoid the external interference. As we know, mobile phone jammer has ben widely used in pulic places. However, is it permitted to install mobile phone jammer freely?

It is very significant to know that the mobile phone jammer may not be free to use. legal experts say that using cell phone signal jammers to forcibly disturb the mobile communication may be regarded as "unconstitutional". The freedom and privacy of citizens are protected by law. In addition to the communication checks conducted by the public security organ or procuratorial organs due to the needs of national security or investigation into criminal offenses, any organization or individual can not violate the freedom and privacy of citizens for any reason.

Before installing cell phone signal jammers, it would be better to undergo a technical testing by radio management departments, as long as the equipment and technology indicators are qualified, mobile phone jammer would be applied. During the using, it is very necessary to notice that the mobile phone jammer should be applied in limited time, limited power and limited location, that is to say, the cell phone jammer can be used in the stipulated time, the stipulated range, and can not arbitrarily change the power.