Recently, some internet users told reporters that many schools have installed mobile phone jammer in the classroom. In this regard, internet users have different attitudes, some users worry that the radiation will effect the health of students, also some users think that installing mobile phone jammer will help to reduce the phenomenon that students play phone in class. While schools believe that the move is the necessary way to exclude the interference caused by mobile phones in classroom and it will not affect health.

It has become very common phenomenon that students answer the phone, or chat QQ through the mobile Internet and play games in the classroom, what's more serious, some students use mobile phones to cheat in exams, for example, sending answers to classmates and by looking up the answer with mobile phone, which has caused great interference to the teaching and learning activities in the classroom.
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Installing mobile Phone Jammer is not an arbitrary action. In view of the report, the working range of cell phone jammer is limited to the classroom, and the cell phone signals will resume just out of the classroom. In order to ensure that the health of students will not be affected, schools attach importance to the quality of cell phone jammer. Thus it can be seen that the attitude of schools toward installing of cell phone jammer is serious and it is a sign of being responsible for students.