A building wall up at mobile phone jammer installation method

If the goal of building the environment is a strong cell phone signal surrounding base stations distribution closer to the phone base station (within a radius of several hundred meters), in addition to using the aforementioned "layer by layer cellular" methods should be based on the situation at the scene.

 Cell Phone Booster

When the surrounding base stations near the periphery of the building and indoor cell phone signal field strength values strong phone signal jammers effective shielding radius (range), which would have led to a corresponding reduction in account the signal in the window of the building outside more difficult to completely shield live fill point in the spacing of the appropriate height of the outer walls of the building, in this case, can be selected. External walls complement the point of installation method do not necessarily need are installed at the external walls of each floor is usually recommended every three highly loaded layer. Such as: the number of layers is three, four-story building, in two or three-wall installation; layers is a five-, six-story building, installed on the exterior wall on the second floor and five floors.


A building corridor on both sides of the dislocation distribution

Do overall shield in a common office building, dormitory, the middle corridor building structure, wall mount in the building corridors, usually consider the overall appearance of the more shield points, generally more than shielding unified installation point on the same side of the corridor.


If the installation location of the site environment is inconvenient to install or not easy to take power, the default point occupied by other equipment, or due to the various rooms in the building are open towards the irregular, in order to maximize reach the floors of the best shielding effect, it is recommended that the installation method according to the actual situation of the floors, the use of both sides of the dislocation distribution coming plurality of shield point located in the mobile phone signal jammer cross-distribution around the sides of the corridor.