One time in a running train, a girl who sat in front of me was talking over the phone loudly. All the passengers in the carriage can hear her voice clearly. Half an hour passed, she didn’t seem to stop the communication.


         The passenger who sat next to me was an architect. He glanced at the girl, and then took out a small square device and pushed the button on it. Only several seconds later, no matter how loud the girl talked, there was no response on the other side of the phone. The carriage was finally quiet. The architect told me that the small device called mobile phone blocker jammer. This small device can block the signal of mobile phone ten meters around.


         The girl found the reason why her cell phone didn’t work. She came to us and yelled at the architect. She thought that the architect rudely violated her rights of communication. “What he did is illegal!”The girl said angrily.


         Even though using a mobile phone jammer personally is against the law, it is easy to by one and use it everywhere. And few people were punished for using it.