Mobile phone jammer has been used frequently in Mainland China and it is on hot sale on the Internet. It is said that the jammer is quite popular in school and factory. It can prevent students from cheating in exams and prevent workers from chatting on the cell phone during work.

         Recently these jammers can be seen in HK, and it is able to interrupt the cell phone signal from a long distance. Customers usually buy them to ensure secrecy of the business meeting. With the jammers people who take part in the meeting is not available to give away the content of the meeting. You can buy one in Apliu Street in HK.

         People use jammers out of various purposes. The most dangerous result that mobile phone signal jammer may bring is to prevent victim from calling for help when they meet criminals. Last week, a group of thieves broke into a remote recycling factory and used a mobile phone signal jammer to stop workers to call the police. At last they took money and merchandises valued 15,000 dollars.