Mobile phone jammers can be helpful to creating a quiet environment you need, however, you should know how to use it at first. Generally speaking, mobile phone jammer is easy to use, besides, portable gps mobile phone jammer is easy to carry.

Firstly, select the region that you want to cut off cell phone signals, and carry the mobile phone jammer close to that region. The longest reach of interference signals is 20m judging from the current technology. Secondly, just turn on the button of mobile phone jammer. At this point the phones are in the scene to search open network status, and will lose base station signal. It’s impossible to call others or receive a call from others. People may consider this step to be the last step of using mobile phone jammer. Though, when you don’t need this device, you should press the button again to stop it harassing other people’s normal communication.

Establishing signal interference is quite easy with the help of mobile phone jammers, but you shouldn’t abuse the rights.