It is very important to ensure that the mobile phone jammer is able to effectively block cell phone signals, thus testing is an essential step when purchasing a mobile phone jammer.

Testing on shielding distance is the first job. Don’t try only one or two kinds of cell phone networks in hurry. as different kinds of mobile phone networks are used, especially the 3G network which works in a broadband high speed transmission and may not be blocked if the power or bandwidth of phone signal jammer is not enough, so before test you should make sure the mobile phones used at present in all kinds of networks gathered, including GSM (13 except 133) \CDMA (133) \ PHS \ TD-SCDMA (155) \ WCDMA (186) \ CDMA2000 (189).

The test shielding effect should ensure there will be no any signals in mobile phone, not even sporadic signals, within half an hour. Another crucial point is that you should check out if the metal case of mobile phone jammer gets hot after an hour working because the heating up device will cause power attenuation and may make people scald. There will be no problem if the temperature of jammer case is not too high.

So to ensure that mobile phone signal jammer is truly effective, you must pay attention to detection of shielding effect on all kinds of mobile phones.