The popularity of the highly portable data devices like Blackberry or other smart phones enables the boundaries of the data storage to undergo enormous changes. The existence of such devices makes all static protection companies have done to prevent data leakage to be useless. Still, many companies shall not take this seriously, or do not take the right steps to prevent data leakage.

Ten years ago, the mobile phone users and the operators only need to worry about wiretap and number fraud. With the development of electronic radio technology, mobile phone jammer was designed to resolve these problems, today's 3G technology makes it to be expensive and impossible to crack communication and intercept phone conversations.
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The rapid development of the mobile phone industry allows users to download the program or files to the phone directly. This feature means that users can also download viruses and spyware to the phone. Taking into account the complexity of the environment of mobile phone operating system, virus appeared in computer a few years ago is likely to be on the phone. Unfortunately, mobile phone jammer even the new technology are unable to solve the problem.

So, in this mobile environment, it is very necessary to protect the data security from the beginning. The good news is that enterprises can strengthen the protection to avoid data leakage through practical measures.