Along with the increasing demand for mobile phone jammer, major manufacturers are making all efforts to develop innovative signal blocking devices to meet the different needs of people, thus more and more mobile phone jammers have emerged in the market, which make it to be more difficult for people to choose a ideal signal jammer with higher performance. Here, a kind of 4G cell phone jammer will be highly recommended in the following text.

The 4G mobile phone jammer not only can shield the CDMA, GSM, DCS / PCS, 3G signals, but also it can block 4G LTE and 4G Wimax signals. However, 4G mobile phone jammer can be classified into several sorts according to the number of antennas. For example, the 4G mobile phone jammer with 5 powerful antennas, its shielding radius is 2 to 50 meters; the stronger jammer can block all signals in this range.

Portable High Power 3W Mobile Phone 3G Jammer With 20 Meters

Last but not least, it is worth noting that the 4G mobile phone jammer cannot block the uplink station signal; it only can shield the signals from mobile phones. What's more attractive, the 4G mobile phone jammer is adjustable; that is to say, users can adjust the jamming signals to stronger or adjust the jamming signal to weaker on demand. According to relevant data, the 4G mobile phone jammer is mostly used in exam rooms, churches, temples and gas stations. Finally, it is expected that the above introduction would be helpful for people with the intention to buy a mobile phone jammer.