In the current signal jammer market, mobile phone jammer would be the most popular. However, more kinds of mobile phone jammer have been put into the market like high power cell phone jammer, portable jammer and hidden cell phone jammer. It is believed that a few people have good knowledge of these kinds of jammers. Therefore, the basic knowledge about hidden mobile phone jammer would be introduced in the following article.

The hidden mobile phone jammer can disable any cell phone effectively and block all signals from the GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, and 3G bands. What's more, this mobile phone jammer doesn't shield signals from any other electronic devices in addition to mobile phone. Also this device has remote control function, so users can turn this signal jammer on and off for instant jamming and un-jamming. The purpose of sensitive control for partial and selective blocking of any mobile phone signal can be achieved through this hidden mobile phone jammer.

High Power Hidden Cellphone Signal Jammer

The working radius of this mobile phone jammer is up to 60 meters, so it can be applied in any location. The jammer is designed in inconspicuous painting design, and it is very easy to mount on the wall, according to relevant survey, this kind of mobile phone jammer is usually applied in churches, hospitals, libraries, museums, movie theaters and class rooms.