In company with rising of safety consciousness of the people, mobile phone jammer has become a hot product and has been widely used in various fields for different special purposes. However, the mobile phone jammers are designed differently due to the various purposes, so the working range of mobile phone jammers are different. Recently, the hand held mobile phone jammer has attracted my attention and it will be introduced in the following article.

It is a middle RF power cell phone jammer with handbag design. What's more important, this mobile phone jammer is developed for special agents and it is designed on the strict requirements of the military and governmental institutions, so its blocking effect is very excellent. The working range of this hand held mobile phone jammer is up to about 50 meters. In addition, its handbag can prevent it from sands, water and other harmful items.

Hand Held Cell Phone Signal Blocker

Certainly, this mobile phone jammer is very easy to carry because for its handbag. What's more, this signal blocker can be adjusted to fit any operational demand through installing additional connector, various antennas, power input sources, and so on. This mobile phone jammer is powered by lithium battery and it can be used while it is charging.