It is also important to clarify what is not considered a cell phone signal booster, as there has been some confusion about this in the past. The following items are not considered to be cell phone signal boosters:

Stickers that claim to boost cell phone signal - These are stickers that you stick to the back of your phone and claim to increase your signal strength by creating more of an antenna. They usually sell for a few bucks and you can buy them online cheaply. They have been proven time and again to be ineffective at boosting cell phone signal and should not be considered as a legitimate substitute for quality cellular boosting equipment.

Smartphone apps that boost your signal - Apps are just pieces of software on your phone and have no external signal boosting ability, rather they set your phone to airplane mode for a moment, and then turn the radio back on to try to connect to a closer tower (all of which you can do manually). These do not solve the problem of poor signal and we do not recommend them to our customers. Besides there are wireless cell phone booster and so on.