As mobile phone jammer is frequently used in modern society, many people are interested in how it works and have some questions about that.


Q5, does mobile phone jammer have the same shielding effect on GSM portable mobile phone jammer and CDMA mobile phones?

A: good question. As the anti-jamming performance of CDMA mobile phone is much better than that of GSM mobile phone, the effective shielding distance of mobile phone jammer for CDMA mobile phone is little shorter than that for GSM with difference about two to four meters. But it also alerts the users to attach importance on some especial places and increase the number of mobile phone jammers if necessary for ensuring the shielding effect on CDMA mobile phones.


Q6, as mobile phone jammer case runs hot after working for a period of time, will it damage the machine during a long-time work?

A: you are really attentive. But don’t worry, this is a normal phenomenon. We design thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy bar to assist cooling so that mobile phone jammer is able to work stably for a long time. Therefore, case hot won't damage the machine.