As mobile phone jammer is frequently used in modern society, many people are interested in how it works and have some questions about that.


Q3: is mobile phone jammer devices harmful to mobile phones and human body?

A: don’t worry, please. According to test data, the electromagnetic signal emitted from the mobile phone jammer is very weak and it is far from causing damage on human body. What’ more, the mobile phone jammer only blocks connection between forward signals of cell phone and the base station so that it will not have any damage on the cell phone.

Q4: is there any difference on effective shielding distance between indoor and outdoor when using mobile phone jammer?

A: yes. Effective shielding distance (30 to 40 meters) of mobile phone jammer generally refers to the indoor distance. In outdoor open ground, the effective shielding distance can reach a few hundred meters. However, it should be pointed out that the effective shielding distance of mobile phone jammer, no matter indoors or outdoors, has relationship with the instant environment such as the distance to the base station and the installed place. Therefore, we should give full consideration to these factors when using the mobile phone jammer so that to avoid shielding blind angle which may lower shielding effect.