A cell phone booster (also known as a cell phone repeater or a cell phone antenna booster) is a system which takes an existing cell phone signal, amplifies it, and then broadcasts it to an area which is not currently receiving quality signal. A typical cell phone signal booster system consists of an external antenna, which is placed in the area of best signal, an amplifier to boost the existing signal, and an internal antenna, which broadcasts and receives signal in the area which currently does not have it. All of those components are connected together with high quality cable, and are sold as a complete cell phone signal booster kit.

It is important to understand what a cell phone signal booster is not able to do like a High Power Jammer, as that will help determine if one will work for your situation. Most importantly, a cell phone signal booster is not able to create signal from nothing, so if you live or work in an area which does not have any cell phone signal, then a cell phone signal booster will not be able to solve your problem.