mobile phone signal jammer are our scientific research personnel using modern high-tech, in-depth analysis of communication mechanism, comprehensive comparison of electromagnetic emission suppression method, developed information security product with completely independent intellectual sovereignty. It can form a electromagnetic protection field around your effectively prevent phone leaks, eliminate noise pollution generated by the phone. Phone signal jammers will provide you with a safe and quiet space to become your trusted loyal guards!


Phone signal jammers have been made to the State Secrecy Bureau information security product testing center, scientific and technological achievements appraisal committee of the State Secrecy Bureau, Shenzhen Electronic Product Quality Testing Center, Chinese People's Liberation Army Information Security Evaluation Center, National Explosion Protected Electrical Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the National secrecy Bureau for electromagnetic leakage emission protection Products Inspection Center, the Ministry of Public security and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center of strict certification and awarded a certificate.


Six-point advantage compared with similar products:

1, imported chips: chip uses a Texas Instruments chip, to ensure product quality and stability.

2, power adjustable: you can adjust the shielding range from a radius of 20 m -80 m, (the user the flexibility to adjust according to their needs)

3, power: product design power aluminum metal, heat is significantly better than the plastic shell power (plastic power heat is not good, it is easy to burn), to ensure the long-term stability work.

Switch: products and power have a switch user operation is very convenient.

5, four channels: four channels (four antennas) cross shield to achieve the best shielding effect.

6, mobile phone jammer for sale after-sales service: three-year warranty, similar products are only one year