Factories, workshops

Jammers with omnidirectional antenna

Factory, workshop environment is mostly transparent environment, is also relatively easy to achieve in its internal mobile phone jammer shielding, the most common approach is to both sides of the plant every some distance between the wall-mounted installations, each point generally the spacing distance of 20-50 meters, which depends on the actual effective shielding distance of the shield at its inner. Plant internal separate smaller space, such as the Treasury or the bathroom wall region, according to the situation a little shield point estimated separately for these small areas.


Jammers with a directional antenna

If only in plant indoor plant shielding requirements, in the event of plant peripherals do not need to be shielded place close range, you need to shield the omnidirectional antenna facelift into a directional antenna, also can jammers Selection on phone jammers transmit power can be adjusted models. Omnidirectional antenna facelift directional antenna, the directional antenna coverage area is relatively concentrated and reduced; it is possible to vary the increase in the overall number of jammers point.


In the case of the larger factories, workshops, or due to space limitations, inconvenient point installed, you can consider the use of high-power jammers, such as the SMa-818K60 high-power jammers, SMa-818K200 high-power jammers and so on.


Grand Theatre, large venue

Jammers with omnidirectional antenna

Grand Theatre is basically indoor transparent environment, and is easy shielding. Stationing method is similar to the method of monomer space "cloth point, all theater general requirements shielding requirement is not affected by whether the periphery of the theater strict, you can directly use cell phone jammers + estimate a point at a certain distance intervals along the walls of the theater surrounding omnidirectional antenna.


Theatre installation should be noted that the general installation of jammers is 1.8-3.0 meters in height, as far as conditions permit, the construction of the theater decorated in the preinstalled point soundproof Cotton or decorative plates leave activities mouth facilitate the installation and maintenance of future mobile phone signal jammer. 220V power supply can be left at each forecast point.