With social progress and strong rationality of man's idea consciousness, people focuse more on the security of privacy, so various jammers have been developed in order to meet the demand of people, due to the wide use of cell phone, the mobile phone jammer becomes the most popular jammer in current market. Up to now, cell phone jammer has been applied in important places for specail purposes.

It is noting that cell phone jammer has its own working range, that is to say, a mobile phone jammer can shiled signals from cell phone within special range, thus, it is neccesary to pay more attention on the specification of cell phone jammer while purchasing one. Although cell phone can effectively protect privacy, there still is some problems, a few people use cell phone jammer for imporper purpose, such as secretly extracting valuable commercial information.
High Power Adjustable CDMA GSM DCS PHS 3G Cell Phone Jammer
Up to now, the relevant department has announced some rules on the use of cell phone. It is expected that the rules can effectively reduce the unlawful use of cell phone jammar. The abuse of cell phone jammer will take negative impact on the normal daily life of the nearby residents. It is very significant to install cell phone jammar in accordance with the relevant rules.