As time goes on, mobile phone jammer has been used in more fields. According to survey, cell phone jammer is no longer a fresh device in the market, it has become very popular online and in the physical stores.

Although the cell phone jammers is initially developed for confidentiality, and it has been limited used, but now it has been put into wider use, such as gas stations, movie theaters, and even some commercial places. For example, many people know that it is not allowed to use the phone in gas station, but many people do not realize it, so some gas stations install cell phone jammer in order not to directly come forward, so that customers can not answer the phone when refueling.
High Power Cell Phone Jammer 10m to 30m Shielding Radius
In fact, cell phone signal jammers have been controversial. Previously, mobile phone signal jammer has been installed in some school dormitory, in order to avoid students to play phone at break. Many people think that the abuse of cell phone jammer will affect the freedom of public communication.

It is learned from relevant reports that some enterprises have installed cell phone jammer in the factory in order to supervise the safe production and ensure the efficiency of the staff. But it has complained by the staffs.