Did you know that someone can tell where you are at if you have a cell phone signal connected?

Did you know that thieves can steal your credit card/ passport info with the new RFID technology?

Did you know.....

So many questions for you ! Then what can we do ? So complex questions, the cell phone signal jammer bag resolve it for you !

Cell Phone jammer Bag is a nifty and simple gadget for blocking your cell phone from receiving mobile calls.

This bag can block cell phone from receiving calls. Your numbers appear unavailable or busy network for person calling you. It works with all networks and easily to use,just put your phone into the bag and all calls will not get through.

When using this bag, your number appears as Unavailable or Network Busy for the person calling you. Make it easier for you to stay out of touch when you need some quiet time. The bag also includes an extra pocket for money or your favorite phone accessory.

The cell Phone jammer  Bag works with all networks and is extremely easy to use. Simply place your phone into the bag and all calls to you will not get through. It is great for meetings, hospitals, and those people wanting to protect their privacy.

By now, you must be interested in it ? Yes, you are right ! You need to puchase one or more from jammersales !