“Finally, what if a passenger on the bus has a heart attack? With other passengers unable to call the driver’s radio not working due to the portable mobile phone jammer’s interference, the passenger may die before help can be called,” she said.

“The person using a mobile jammer on the bus is certainly interfering with the legitimate communications of many people and potentially putting lives at risk if they prevent emergency calls from being made.”

Access to jammer is actually the most important reason why jammers should continue to be prohibited in Australia. While it may seem like a good idea to use a mobile phone blocker jammer in a school, cinema or cafe, we need to stop and consider how that may end up costing lives. If there is an armed intruder in one of our schools, surely we want teachers and students to be able to communicate immediately and effectively. Likewise, if someone collapses in a cafe or there is a fire in a cinema, then people need to be able to phone for help quickly and without any interference.