To get started finding the best cell phone signal booster for your needs, check out our carrier pages, or read our online guides for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

Commercial buildings tend to present different challenges based on size, building materials, carrier support, and more. UberSignal specializes in situations like this and has a team of individuals dedicated to designing custom solutions for situations like these. If you have a large area that you need to provide boosted signal for or a situation which does not seem like a normal cell phone signal booster kit will be adequate, then please either use our online form to request a custom kit designed for you or contact us to discuss your situation in more depth.

Cell phone signal boosters typically come in two forms:

Permanent, where the system is installed in a manner where it is not movable

Mobile, where you're able to take the signal booster with you, and which uses magnets and other non-permanent mounting devices.

Permanent cell phone signal boosters and portable cell phone jammer are usually more powerful and are designed to cover large areas, such as an apartment, home, small office, whole building, warehouse, factory, and more.