The supply, possession and operation of mobile phone jammers in Australia is prohibited by the ACMA’s Radio communications Declaration 2011, as such devices can cause significant interference to radio communications services, including mobile phone networks.

High Power Cell Phone Jammer 10m to 30m Shielding Radius

AMTA Policy Manager, Lisa Brown, said that mobile phone jammers are radio communications devices that interfere with signals between a mobile phone and the base station or network. Mobile jammers can be used to disable mobile phones and prevent calls from being made and received.

According to official report, a mum running late due to wet weather will now not be able to call the child care centre to let them know she will be late picking up her child. Such a call is really not a big inconvenience to others and helps her manage her life/work balance and also reassure her child. Such connectivity is important and enabled by today’s mobile technology. When a buy mobile phone jammer interferes with the mobile service that another person has paid for and expects to receive, it not only costs that person in terms of the dropped call but also causes them stress and inconvenience.